Android is so good at supporting external hardware. I got this nifty little RGB keyboard for around the house, and realized I could plug it in to my tablet pretty easily. So now, I’m sitting at the coffee table and typing this up. It’s a nice change of pace.

Since I use tumblr as my platform (for now, anyway…) they bugged me to install the app once I logged in. Makes sense, and I don’t usually like apps, but for composing text it seemed like a good enough idea to try. So…I install it, and I go to write a post, and of course my Yoga Pro 10 is in landscape mode, and of course, the app switches to portrait mode. “Oh! You’re writing, using the app? Let me go ahead and disrespect whatever setting you’re using, because I know better than you!” Naw, man! I’ll poke around online for a few minutes and look into it, but I’m really not into that so it might get uninstalled right away.

At any rate, the general Android experience with a keyboard is Pretty Good, and I could see myself using an external keyboard for writing or general navigation with some regularity. I dunno, I guess it’s a bit nicer and less distracting than the laptop? 

Other than that, we left work around 6, got a bunch of groceries, and finally made it home around 8. I don’t think we had dinner until 8:30, so I’ll probably be up for a little while yet as I digest (both dinner and the day itself!) which has me kinda thinking about what to unwind with. I finished Beyond the Boundary this past weekend, and it was a good little trip. I generally like 12-episode anime, especially when they’re an original series. The story writers can usually put something good together in that kind of time. I’m pretty sure I went over it in my Usagi Drop mega-essay, but adaptations can often feel rushed, heavily condensed, or can’t figure out how to end 12 or 13 volumes of manga in 12 episodes. So, an original series is always a treat.

On the music front, aside from the extra helping of SHISHAMO, I came across a Yunomi album on Google Music that I hadn’t really dug into. The titular song (大江戸コントローラー Oedo Controller) I’d certainly heard before, but there were a handful of other songs and a few TORIENA remixes that aren’t available on bandcamp. The whole thing is really good, so give it a try if you’re into kawaii sounds. Yunomi is a good all-season artist, but I feel like they shine brightest in the colder, darker fall and winter days. I mean, it’s already mid-August! I’m hoping to buy a kotatsu once the weather cools down since my loft area doesn’t really get too much heat and we try to keep the thermostat down. But…it’s usually too cold. I think it’d solve a few problems, having a little working space like that.

Then again, it’s still August, and too hot to think about what it’ll take to stay warm. I’m always okay with a bit more summer…

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