Goodbye tumblr, hello github.

Some time ago, tumblr took a turn for the worse. I hadn’t really logged in, and even as a blogging platform it just didn’t feel good. Then, there was the whole adult content thing, which was just so heavy-handed. I don’t know what happened this weekend to cause me to wake up and think, “gosh, perhaps I should finally move my blog to github pages using Jekyll” but that’s pretty clearly what happened. All-in, I probably spent about 10 hours on the migration. Things like picking a theme, tweaking it, importing everything from tumblr, and of course, more tweaking…but it was pretty painless overall, I learned a ton more about git, and I’m pretty happy with the result.

Naturally, my desktop was the only machine that wouldn’t resolve the new github pages IP, and I spent at least an hour tracking that down to find I had created a hosts entry for the old tumblr address a billion years ago. Nicely done.

I don’t have a ton more to share, but I’m really happy that I can write, stage, and preview everything locally before kicking it out to the wider internet. This was a pretty good use of time!

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